Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I am always trying to solve your problems and I give you some ideas on digital marketing that form my real life experience. I hope people benefit from my blog form any corner of the world.

Please follow some of your rules to maintain the environment of our blog.

About the Comments:

  • Your comment must be related to the content. Comments of a content are never desirable on other content.
  • You will not personally attack anyone because it is not good at all, if someone is an aggressive comment, and then let us know that we will take action.
  • Pornographic and provocative comments cannot be made.
  • Do not be embarrassed with any wrong information in the comments. Before giving any information to anyone, you must know
  • No advertising is acceptable in the comments

Contact Related:

  • Please do not spam unnecessarily due to reasonable reasons.
  • We will accept any suggestions for improving the quality of the blog.
    And in this case, we really hope for your valuable advice.

Support Related:

If you have any issues related to freelancing, SEO or computer hardware and software, then you can contact our support team. In this case, the language must be acceptable, no language can be used for offending language.

Please note:

  • The above principles can be changed or reformed by Ahnaf Arif at any time.