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Computer Run Faster The Hidden Mystery Behind

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Why need computer run faster?

Get Better Computer Run Faster Results By Following Two Simple process. When my computer is running super slow then I feel very bad. At one time my computer was working very slowly. I searched online this presses how to check why the computer is running slow, how do you speed up a slow computer, how to fix slow computer performance, how to make computer faster for gaming. After a lot of research, I could make my computer faster. You can get your computer run faster through two processes. Now you have to know the reason for a computer running slow.

The Reasons are:

Your Random Access Memory (RAM) is being overused

Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the key elements when deciding the pace of a computer. If your RAM memory card is old, it may additionally not be in a position to run greater present day running structures at a brilliant pace (as these can also consume a large part of its capacity) or it can also not be able to run those packages that you mounted currently at an acceptable speed. Or possibly it has broken down, which can happen, even though this is unlikely.

If this is what’s going on to you, you can restore it, trade it or increase the memory. Or “downgrade” your running system so that it makes use of much less RAM, or use applications that use much less RAM. It’s up to you.

Another reason for a slow computer would possibly be that the difficult drive is full

This is very probably to happen, it’s a quite common reason. If you are one of those people who set up any type of software in your computer or those human beings that storage loads of videos, (my pricey friend, your pc is now not the National Film Library), then it is possible that at some point you are hard the force will say “¡Enough!” and it will start using RAM to work properly. And if your RAM is being used for these tasks, then your pc will run slower, and additionally, some applications will cause you troubles when running.

Maybe you’re awaiting too a lot from your computer 

It’s not about your RAM being historical or about your difficult disk being full, however, you might be waiting for your pc to run packages that are too “heavy” or you might be awaiting it to function too many duties at the equal time. Keep in a thought that computer systems are already jogging quite a few programs “in the background” by way of the easy reality of being in operation. If you execute many different applications at the equal time, it doesn’t count how modern-day and effective your computer is, it will now not be capable to work properly then you can get computer run faster.

The solution is in the front of our eyes. Do not run too many programs at the same time. Or if the hassle is being caused by means of a unique software that you need but it requires too much, then assume the possibility of using software that is “in the cloud”.

The solution is crystal clear. Get rid of these programs that are now not being used and copy all that material that you do no longer use and the area it someplace else, maybe in your challenging pressure (you do now not need to store all those cat movies from YouTube).

There might be damaging software program in your computer

It is one of the symptoms that disclose the presence of a virus or Trojan. These programs typically use the computer’s RAM to lift out their misdeeds and make it run slower. In these situations, obviously, you have to get rid of that little intruder that can purpose serious damage. Remove it your self if you have enough expertise to do so, or seem for help from professionals, otherwise, it may have an effect on vital or sensitive information.

Your pc might be too warm Have you noticed that, in summer, your computer runs slower and it gets a bit lazier? Have you put your fingers on the case? Have you almost burnt your fingers? Then your pc may be way too warm… be careful!

In addition to the external temperature, overheat in computer systems can be brought on due to countless reasons, such as inner filth or malfunction of the followers of the machine which are accountable for cooling. Excessive heat can have an effect on numerous factors of a system, and it can make it run slower.

The solution to this trouble depends on the thing that originates it. You can smooth the fans or get professional help so that it is exact repaired… however undergo in mind, you will no longer restore whatever by throwing ice cubes at it.

These are some of the common reasons why a computer might run too slow, but there are some more. If you work, for example, repairing computer systems or in far-off support, we are fantastically certain that due to your experience you have had to deal with extra than one slow computer. What about sharing your experiences with us by leaving a comment in the comment part that is positioned at the end of this article?

Of course, before doing so, let us exhibit you Horus.

We know the reasons for slowing down our computer.

Now I will tell you How to make the computer run faster.

I want to tell you another problem that many people face this problem that is a few seconds of the computer is automatically switched off. Basically, the reasons for the computer are automatically shut down:

We know that our computer has a device called the processor. This processor controls the computer. The processor is super hot during our computer running. Basically, when the processor is hot, the computer stops Although a fan is fitted to cool the processor. Still, the reason for shutting down your computer is the reason may be the processor’s fan has many dirty accumulations. what do you need to do now?

                             FIRST PROCESS

(i)        You have to open your CPU and open up your processor’s fan clear it.

(ii)        Keep our computer cool with thermal paste.

Have you ever heard the name of thermal paste?

What is the thermal paste?


Thermal paste


Thermal grease could be a heat transferring agent and necessary for your mainframe cooling. It prevents heating. But, if it’s been applied in some inappropriate manner, it will crash your system or drop its performance.

Best thermal paste:

The distinction in quality between a celebrated third-party paste and what OEMs use on their builds is smaller than you would possibly suppose. it isn’t uncommon to comprehend a performance improvement by merely bolting your hardware along additional fastidiously. loads of oldsters then mistakenly attribute this betterment to their new paste.

Also, now not so pricey silicone-based options despite being convenient to observe and affordable, don’t seem to be really worth the trouble they motive later as they deteriorate.


Liquid metal is appropriate for more skilled energy users; its application is challenging to grasp and you may additionally run into trouble with hardware warranty claims because these “pastes” can in no way be absolutely eliminated without some type of leftover residue. Given the challenges posed via pretty conductive pastes, we will talk about them separately.

In the end, to attain above-average performance that’s measurably higher than what you are already seeing, you wish to use the most effective passes, and so apply them utter then you can get computer run faster.

Best way to apply thermal paste:

Level 1: Decide what need

As I even have mentioned earlier, it’s very important to implement the thermal compound properly. So, 1st of all, confirm what you may like whereas applying the thermal paste to hardware. Here is that the list of belongings you ought to collect before beginning the process;

1.     Thermal paste

·         Professionals like a thermal paste which incorporates the mix of oxide and Si.

·         If there’s overclocking required for higher|the higher} result for your electronic equipment than you’ll be able to attempt a thermal paste which incorporates some better heat conductors like Silver or Ceramic. (They square measure high-ticket parts though)

2.     Cleaning Materials

·         Cotton buds damped with isopropanol. the seventieth answer is enough, however, it’ll get the higher result if the proportion is higher within the answer.

3.     Flat-head Screwdriver

4.     Anti-static improvement Wipes

5.     Plastic Card – to use the paste (Optional)

Level 2: You have to open CPU OR laptop

After aggregation all the required things, 1st of all, you have got to unscrew the rear cowl of your CPU. If you have got a laptop computer, confirm that you simply dismantle the rear cowl properly with the screwdriver.


After that, take away the CPU fan and heatsink and dip your cotton into alcohol. All professionals area unit suggesting Isopropyl because it has higher cleanup capacities and quick drying.

Level 3: Clean over and prepare your CPU

Now, take that cotton swab and clean the CPU fan. You can insert the swab and softly dispose of the dust. Removing dust is an essential task. Repeat it until you sense that the fan is now dust-free. Also, smooth the heatsink surface.

If you have a new laptop computer or CPU, then you don’t need to clear the pre-applied thermal paste, however, if you have older CPU, clean over the historic thermal compound applied before. Lightly rub the wet cotton above the location the place you choose to observe the fresh thermal compound.

Level 4: Properly Apply Thermal Paste

After all the cleaning procedures, now it is time to enforce the thermal paste. Many humans have a question in their thought related to the volume of the grease. There are many strategies with the aid of which you will get to comprehend how an awful lot thermal answer to follow for the CPU cooling.

These techniques:

·         Vertical line methodology,

·         Pea-dot methodology

·         2X rice sized dot within the middle

·         a skinny or Thick line across the center

·         3 skinny lines methodology

·         Spiral pattern or Circle form

·         X-shaped pattern

·         swimmingly / Roughly unfold across the electronic tech

You can apply the paste by mistreatment the injection tube or directly from the tube bottle. Unfold the thermal compound by mistreatment the plastic card. If you would like, you’ll be able to unfold it by your fingertips. simply don’t forget to use hand gloves!

Level 5: Rearrange the heatsink and fan.

Level 6: take a look at your laptop computer or electronic equipment and put it aside from warming.

So, this area unit the steps to use the thermal compound. Our analysis shows that ‘the X shape’ technique provides the most effective performance and might avoid the bulk of bubbles/gaps. Moreover, you ought to invariably use the prime quality thermal paste accessible within the market notwithstanding it’s pricey as heat management is crucial for the higher performance of your pc.


                              SECOND PROCESS 

Computer Run Faster

Thermal paste is basically we use due to the computer shut down after a few seconds. If you have this problem then you can use it. I think you should use this process although you do not have problems because your computer will be protected from shouting down automatically. Even though your computer does not have problems nevertheless, there will be no problem if you use it but it will be profitable.

However, now we are going to start our second process. You have heard that a computer is a slow speed from the above discussion.

The process of slowing down our computer run faster than just a software. First of all, I want to tell you something about the software. This software is down through many processes. It is available in the payment and free version. We will use the free version. The software name is Ccleaner and through this software, you can get computer run faster.

Ccleaner is a free machine optimization tool which can be used to remove unused files and velocity up your PC. It can smooth internet records from browsers and take away brief stuff from other applications.

This process is simple, easy-to-use and quite quickly in cleaning the junk.

How to download CCleaner?

  1. Go to CCleaner Website.



 2. Click This URL 


CCleaner 2

3. Download CCleaner


Download CCleanar

4. Start The Installation Process

How to use CCleaner to speed up a computer?

Ccleaner has a handy interface. To get started out with the provider download and installation Ccleaner on your PC. Run the utility through double-clicking on the program icon. 


As you’ll see in higher than screenshot Ccleaner has four sections within the mitt sidebar, namely:


  • Cleaner

  • Registry

  • Tools

  • Options

Each of those sections has some distinctive functions:

  • Cleaner: It primarily removes temporary files from the system. It additionally removes all the browsing details from browsers of your computer.


  • Registry: It checks and fixes issues, if any, within your system written account.


  • Tools: you’ll be able to manage put in programs and applications within the computer. You’ll be able to uninstall any program directly from the Ccleaner interface. Also, take away any unwanted system restore points and programs within the startup list.


  • Options: permits you to select your preferences for running Ccleaner.


As proven in the screenshot below, in Ccleaner mode there are various take a look at boxes. These containers figure out settings of Ccleaner. You can test or uncheck these packing containers to preserve or eliminate any object from the cleaning process.

    Run cleaner 

Now let us see how we will work with the help of CCleaner.

We will mark all the options on the left side of our software.

1.    Make sure you’re in cleaner mode (the brush icon). You’ll be able to either “analyze” to visualize what percentage junk files CCleaner can notice before cleansing, or “Run Cleaner” to right away begin the method to get computer run faster.

Note: You’ll need to shut any open web browsers for CCleaner to try and do its job. Relax, Facebook can still be there after you go back to.


CCleaner Select


2.   After analyzing or improvement, you’ll get a screen showing what proportion area junk files take au fait your device, and wherever they’re found. Don’t worry an excessive amount of regarding the specifics, simply grasp that obtaining obviate them makes your pc cleaner and quicker than before. you have to properly maintain to get computer run faster.


CCleanar Analyze


3.   Next click on the written record tab below the comb on the left. Click “scan for issues”. when scanning, CCleaner can raise if you wish to form a backup. I ne’er have, however you would possibly need to merely to be safe.


CCleaner Registry


4.  If you actually apprehend what you’re doing, decide and opt for that written record values you wish to delete. Or, if you’re like everyone else (myself included), simply click the “Fix All elite Issues” button, and expect the program to complete to get computer run faster.


CCleaner Scan


5.   Finally, click on the tools tab (the wrench on the left), click “startup”, and appearance at the list of programs that mechanically run whenever your pc starts.  Some you’ll need to go away alone, however, others might be viruses, adware, or different undesirable programs running while not your data or permission and swiftness down your system. Exercise extreme prejudice against such interlopers by clicking on their name, then click “Disable” on the proper. If you by mistake close up the incorrect one, simply come to an equivalent place, click on the disabled program, and click on “Enable”. Don’t worry, you won’t break something if you switch off the incorrect program (though you may get to restart your device). If you will all process is done then you can get computer run faster.


6.   That’s it! be happy to envision out a number of the opposite choices CCleaner has, or simply leave everything alone. And don’t worry regarding garbage build up again; CCleaner can prompt you to run it from time to time, and even tell you ways abundant house it will unencumber on your device by clearing out junk files.


7.   Another helpful feature is that the ability to for good erases your deleted files. That’s right, once you delete a file, it sits on your drive till it gets overwritten by one thing else. do you have to favor to wipe a drive, CCleaner can write random numbers over the prime of any free area, protecting your privacy and hint by utterly destroying your deleted files. simply confirm you actually need them deleted, as a result of no one is going to be ready to recover this “wiped” information once it’s gone.


If it sounds like CCleaner will heaps of things for a free program, move and dig around within the computer programme some additional. Not solely will it clean out your pc and allow you to opt for what programs run at startup, however it may scan your drives to visualize what reasonably files square measure taking over area, look for duplicate files you don’t want, manage your restore points, uninstall programs, etc. and also the paid versions do even more! I can’t tell you if the paid versions would be price your cash or not, however, I will positively tell you the free version is price each penny then some. thus move, provides it with an effort, and see what proportion of speed and stability CCleaner will come back to your device.


You have to remove viruses and spyware from your computer.

May I Have Your Attention Please:

You will have to do everything you need to speed up your computer when you go to shut down your computer. That is to say, you need to remove additional files on your computer by launching the CCleaner.

I do this work every day when is my computer shut down then I remove extra files on my computer.

As a result, now my computer works very fast.

I hope that if you follow the above instructions properly then your computer run faster.

If you have any problems, then you should tell me your problem. I will try to solve through the comments or you can contact me for any problem.


I apologize for something wrong.


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